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Investment - bitcoin

Updated: Mar 31, 2021

I have just spent the past 1hour trying to contact my bitcoin wallet administrator to inform them that I had omitted my unique reference number while making the transaction. Right now my money is sitting in their account and is not linked to me.

What a palava

I recently recorded a video on YouTube sharing my interest in investment. I am not new to stocks & shares (s&s) investment (story for another day). But I am new to the Bitcoin/crypto currency arena. I will write about my S&S experience in another blog.

Right now I am recovering from trying to upload my evidence of making the payment (without the unique reference number). It was almost an impossible task. I had to learn about the technicalities of my phone and camera and eventually succeeded in reducing the evidence to the 3mb requirement. I have submitted my evidence. So in 5days time, my bitcoin wallet will be credited and I can continue investing.

Meanwhile my initial bitcoin investment of $500 after 4 weeks, has given an interest payment of $141.52. Can you see the attraction?

Its all in Dollars.

School of bitcoin

There is so much to learn in crypto currency trading. To start with my trading platform is completely separate from the bitcoin wallet.

So you need separate log in details for each area.

In summery,

first you need to get your money (any currency) into your bitcoin wallet. Then from there into your trading platform.

It is not that straight forward. But I had a personal guide (Juliet) who was very patient through out the whole process which took a few days as funds needed time to be acknowledged at each stage.

What's different

This time I am in control of this investment. Unlike the last few years where I have trusted my money to third parties with no return on any of my investments.

This time I have my bitcoin wallet as an app and my trading platform

all accessible on my phone.

Yes, you can do this yourself.

I will update you on the outcome of the Bitcoin wallet payment issue

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