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Investment - bitcoin

Updated: Mar 31, 2021

I have just spent the past 1hour trying to contact my bitcoin wallet administrator to inform them that I had omitted my unique reference number while making the transaction. Right now my money is sitting in their account and is not linked to me.

What a palava

I recently recorded a video on YouTube sharing my interest in investment. I am not new to stocks & shares (s&s) investment (story for another day). But I am new to the Bitcoin/crypto currency arena. I will write about my S&S experience in another blog.

Right now I am recovering from trying to upload my evidence of making the payment (without the unique reference number). It was almost an impossible task. I had to learn about the technicalities of my phone and camera and eventually succeeded in reducing the evidence to the 3mb requirement. I have submitted my evidence. So in 5days time, my bitcoin wallet will be credited and I can continue investing.