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Recycling the new normal

Updated: Apr 23, 2021

Recycle habit

So another thing this pandemic induced mandatory stay home episode has done for me, is it has made me more aware and conscious of my recycling habits. The recycling habits of the whole household is upon my shoulders as you would expect, being the mummy of the house.

I have seriously upped my game in recycling. This was inevitable and a long time coming. Yes I admit that I am late to arrive. Let's just say that it's taken me longer to get my head around the nauseating idea of collecting food waste. Well, at last I have arrived.

The slight change

Initially we operated one large bin policy (small paperbins not included). This was a 70litre bin. However, In addition to this, we always had another bag (Recycle bag) positioned by the bin. We used this bag to collect the numerous packages that came with all the products that we purchased e.g bottles, tins, pepper, wrappers etc. etc. This bag was emptied everyday, while the bin wasn't.

The challenge

The problem was that with the recycle bag being religiously filled and emptied daily, we no longer needed the 70l general waste bin. The bin took longer to fill and if you waited for it to be full before emptying, then it was more than likely to start smelling due to the food waste festering in the bin. So to avoid having any smell, the bin was emptied way before it became full.

The solution

Although this process worked, I realised we needed to downsize on the general waste bin. The ideal would be to separate the food waste from the general waste. So the idea of operating a food waste caddy was identified as a solution. At this point, I went off and bought some random liners in preparation for the soon to be purchased food waste caddy (I'm OCD like that). The last thing I wanted was to buy a bin and not have any liners.

The excitement

I waited patiently for the shops to open post lockdown April 2021. I didn't want to order anything online. I was too excited to actually go and shop. Even if it was just for a food waste caddy. I wanted to touch and feel the bins for myself. The excitement was too much.

The purchase

Finally, eventually and at last, I found myself in the shop analysing food waste caddies. However, the decision to buy this particular product was actually made by another customer who saw me holding the box and interrupted my thoughts. She confirmed that she had exactly the same product at home and highly recommended it. What she loved the most about this product was its replacable odour filter which prevented the smell of decomposing food.

Well, I was sold on the odourless feature alone. The last thing I needed was to unwittingly buy an irritating problem. I could only imagine the anxiety I would have each time I wanted to open the food waste bin. Not being able to use the bin for the purpose to which it was purchased becauseof the smell. I can tell you now that that would piss me right off. The offensive odour would eventually lead me to pack up this idea.

The benefit

I have had this food waste caddy for a few days now. So a few days of waste food has gone into it, as shown in the picture above. I must say that so far so good. There has been no odour being emitted from the bin. I am very pleased.

The hack

To top it off, I also applied a household hack I often use on all the bins to ensure I always get the bins smelling of roses. I sprinkle Lenor In Wash Scent Boosters at the bottom of all the bins. And each time I open any of the bins, I get a wift of lovely scented air....

Try it and see

The seperation of the various bins means that we are now actively recycling. I am currently reviewing the size of the bin that would be appropriate moving forward. 50litres for general waste, and 50litres for recycling sounds good. Or 30/30 because the household is shrinking.

Have you thought about recycling in your home?


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