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The African Woman - Intentional Self-Care & work-Life balance.

January is often the month of self-reflection and planning. For many women, it is the start of their thought process on how to improve their state of health and wellness, a better self-care.

The 2024 Self-Care coaching plan has been designed to support this group of highly skilled, high-functioning, and determined women to meet their personal and professional goals.

The objective of the group session is to create a mindset shift, where women are supported to think intentionally about their self-care. Encouraging and supporting them to set realistic and achievable goals, and implement practical habits. As we know, "simple things done consistently well can transform our lives".

Assessing and understanding your work-life balance is a good place to start.

Click to register for the free webinar series. You will also be included in the email and WhatsApp reminders on Self-Care.

Individual coaching sessions are available on request. This entails a deep dive into your work-life balance. The sessions will focus on Identifying your priorities, and setting boundaries, time management strategies, mindfulness and stress reduction, and developing a self-care routine.

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