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Christmas and tree

At last today 4/12/18 I finally saw and bought a Christmas tree for 2018 that meets all my needs. It has music, I think it turns as it plays the music. It is small enough for me to carry. It does not need decorating and will leave no mess behind. It definately won’t take up space and above all I can change it’s position… from room to room.

I love the habit of celebrating Christmas. Indirectly the festive season affects everyone in some way or another. Whether you believe in the idea or not. Whatever you do will be affected… somehow… Jesus Igwe

Traditionally I was the Chief of Staff of the Festive Season in my home. My responsibilities were all inclusive. Basically i was incharge of anything and everything that had anything remotely to do with Christmas.

I remember as a young adult the joys of celebrating Christmas in the UK. That is the ecstasy I derived from buying Christmas presents for my siblings… all five of them and putting up the  decoration. Needless to say when I started my own family, I continued with the habit of buying presents and putting up the decorations.

I have found that the occupants of my household do not have the same Christmas bug. They are not really bothered about the decorations. The most important thing is the energy I transmit throughout the whole season and the delicious dishes that appears each and every day of the holiday. So most time