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Where do you bury the dead

So how do you decide where to bury a parent when they die.

So what are the options here 🤔… the categories:

1. We have those who came on a visit and died while visiting🤔. I guess that’s pretty straight forward…. or is it?

2. We have those who have their homes in two countries… a couple of months in the UK and a couple of months in Nigeria🤔… (My dad fits this category).

3. We have those who spent the beginning of their adult lives in Nigeria… but are now living the rest of it in the UK🤔

4. We have those who spent their adult lives in the UK… went back to Nigeria to live… visit the UK regularly… then …

Nothing is ever straight forward

For those who haven’t been back home for some time…. well burying in Nigeria is big business…. there is always  the question and concern of Ome-na-ala (tradition).

Many children abroad forget that burial is not straight forward in Nigeria. Aside from the cost of the celebration and party. Lots of tradition and burial rites which I have heard of, but not familiar with.

The bottom line is that families need to start having that discussion, agreeing and saving up for that financial burden.

Does it really matter where a dead person is buried?

In my experience, my mother who died at 45 (1995) in the UK was taken back to Nigeria simply because both of her parents were still alive and kicking🤔.. she was buried at the front of her father’s compound: Eze R. O. Abakporo….

It was a very good idea then…. taking her back home to the place she knew as home…. remember she was 45…. because she was surrounded by all her loved ones… people who had watched her grow… get married… have children…. it was closure… for them too….

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