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Valentine’s, a time to show yourself some love. 14.02. 2020

I have never really understood the hype around February 14. I don’t know why people wait and go crazy for the show of love, just in one day. The attention and talk is simply overwhelming and borderline irritating. We don’t even know what we are celebrating.

You see the stress people go through to make sure that they have a valentine partner. If you dont have a partner to celebrate you, does it mean you are not loved? I

Don’t get me wrong, I remember celebrating valentine’s once. It was an amazing celebration. Had dinner, romance, champagne, petals. I woke up the next day in a hotel room with my husband with engorged breast and sheets shocked with breast milk. I came for romance and had left the breast fed baby at home (Onyekachi). The true owner of the breast. Needless to say that there was no breakfast in bed. We laughed all the way home, with speed.

What I find even more incredulous is the tabloids telling me how celebrities celebrated their valentine’s day. Why not tell me their sleeping positions too. After this one day of celebration, what next?…

Who should be in this lovers category? We are all in this category. Quite frankly I think people should make more effort celebrating themselves on a daily basis. After all they say charity begins at home.

Love yourself first. Indulge and make yourself happy. I don’t think a box of chocolate or flowers can make me happy, if I am not in a happy place.

This 14th of February was a normal day for me. I worked from home, I went to the gym and then to the sauna, I cooked a few dishes and I also had the cleaner round. I had all my loved ones at home. Even my lost and found sister dropped by to see me. I was in bed by 7pm, drinking G&T, eating popcorn, a bar of chocolate, watching YouTube and chatting on the phone. I was definitely in a happy place.

I have woken up this morning to find that without the box of chocolate, flowers, rose petals, surprise romantic dinner and valentine sex, I am still married, 20years and counting.

I do get excited around this date because it reminds me that my brothers (Obiyo) birthday is around the corner…. on the 17th 💃🏽💃🏽💃🏽💃🏽💗💃🏽💗

Happy valentine’s day to all you lovers of self. Show yourself some love. 💗💗

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