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Unintentional 10k steps

Updated: Jun 17, 2021

This evening I unintentionally walked 10k steps. How did this happen? I hear you say. How can someone unintentionally walk 10k step? without planning to do so? This is the kind of walk I usually plan ahead, prepare and map out my route and achieve.

A quick trip

Well today, I popped out to buy a couple of zips for cushion covers I needed to make. I thought I would catch the Herberdashery shop before it closed at 6pm. I took the train because I figured it would be easier and faster seeing that it was one stop on the train, and rush hour traffic had started.

The journey to the shop was less than 15mins door to door. With the zips and additional material purchased. Off I went back to the station to get the train home.

I got to the station only to be informed by the station staff that the train I needed had been cancelled there was no train service going that direction at the moment, apparently there had been an incident.

Decision Decision decision.

It was either I took 2 buses home or walked back home. Either way, both would take as long as the other. So I decided I didn't want to sit in any traffic, either on a bus or taxi (that's why I didn't drive in the first place). Most importantly as usual I wore trainers.

Lonely route home

Having prior knowledge of the area I decided to walk home using the walking route. I had walked this path several times in the past. I have also cycled this route too. I also remembered how lonely it could be. You may see the odd cyclist or runner or maybe someone else who had gone for a walk. But it was lonely.

Apart from it being lonely, because I watch the American real life murders on YouTube, my imagination went for a run🙈 at this point. The whole path looked like where you could hide a dead body. I was really not finding my thoughts funny anymore.

Walk in faith

At some point I took my headphones out of my ear. I needed to hear and see clearly 😅🤣😂. I then sent my location to my family group whatsapp. Just incase they needed to locate the last place I was seen. Yep, I was that freaked out. But I continued walking in faith 🚶‍♀️😌.

Mind over matter - camera

To keep my thoughts positive, I decided to take pictures of my walk capturing the environment and path I find myself walking. I knew it was a lonely walk that would take me at least 40mins, with no traffic.

Can you imagine I got excited each time I saw another human being.


Eventually I got to what was usually an isolated car park and to my surprise there was a stall bang in the middle of the car park selling ice-cream and on closer inspection, cold water. I was initially attracted by the sign of ice cream. That was until I saw that water was also being sold and realised I was thirsty. So water it was for me.

Water and camera in hand, I continued on my walk.

First passing underneath a very short bridge. Walking past tons of swamp water, then going over the canal.

Walking along the canal and the park.

I stopped a couple walking their dog who was just too cute to walk past. Turns out he was 3months old and cost over £2k to aquire.

No alcohol

I was so tempted to stop by the pub. But decided that I would still need to walk home even after drinking a pint. So, I decided to keep walking.

Home at last

Eventually by the grace of almighty God, I arrived home safe and sound having walked 10329 steps. I was extremely boiling hot, with a serious sun tan having walked under direct sunshine throughout.

The walk was worth the steps.

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