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The taxi ride – S/W Hampshire 30/1/2019

I had an interesting discussion with the taxi driver this evening. I wouldn’t really call it a discussion. Let’s say that he spoke and I listened. So I arrived in Southampton safely as planned. Went to the taxi rank outside the station and waited patiently for a taxi. Along came a taxi, a very big one at that. You never get a large taxi when you need one. Anyway this stretch salon came along and in I went.

I sat in front as usual. I like to see where I am going from the front. I am quite nosy like that. I try to have a general idea which direction the car should be travelling in, wherever I go. I am after all not familiar with this town. This actually may be my 3rd or 4th visit. But one thing for sure is that the hotel is 12mins away. I always look on google maps for directions and timings. At my age it would be very annoying to be taken on an unauthorised sight seeing tour, for a place that’s literally round the corner.

All I can say is that a lot can happen in 12 minutes. I literally got the past, present and future health history of the taxi driver. Pleasant man, he had a lot to say. And I am a great listener after all. Anyway, I had nowhere else to go. I just sat and listened and of course gave some short responses, “oh really…. “that’s interesting”… “what happened”…. sorry to he