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Taxi – black cab to the rescue

Sitting at the back of a London black taxi

Today (28/10/202) I finally took a ride in a London black cab. The journey lasted around 30mina for 6.5 miles. Let me just say that the journey was worth every single penny.

Its been a long while since I took a black cab to anywhere. Mainly because I drive and own a car. Then there are other options available via a variety of taxi Apps at our finger tip. Therefore flagging down a black cab was always not the first option.

Today however, everything changed for the better. This option of taking a black cab was my last and best option.

Needing to get home following my sons surgery, my first option was to use the local taxi firm recommended by the hospital. Eventually when I got through to the taxi firm, they were very polite and gave me a waiting time of 90mins and £20 fee. A 90mins wait was out of the question.

Then I decided to try the Bolt taxi App. It eventually located a driver at a estimated fee of £16.50, a waiting time of 5mins and a cancellation fee of £6, if I decide to cancel. I went o