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Staycation no. 5 in 12 months

I took another week off work at the beginning of March 2021.

This is the second staycation I have taken in 2021 and the fifth staycation in the past 12 months since we've been on lockdown. I'm not doing too badly if I may say so myself.

The fact that I have been working from home (like everyone else) at home, with travel restriction, since March 2020, makes it mandatory for me to take some time off work.

This time I was excited to have some time off work, at home. I knew exactly what I wanted to do. I wanted to visit a couple of parks that I've heard about and never been to.

Local explorer

I know previously a weeks annual leave would have seen me in another country. Not this time around. Presently due to the pandemic, we have travel ban and restriction on essential travel only.

This time I will explore and make the most of the sights, sounds and places of interest near me.

Different pace

I have noticed that I'm more leisurely in what I do. I don't want to call it slow. I'm really taking my time. There is no rush to do things. I guess no one is in a rush. Or is that just me?

With my new found pace at had. Off I went exploring. My first attempt to visit a park in South London didn't quite go to plan. Let's just say that I drove round the park and didn't stop.

Got inside the park

My second attempt to visit a park, this time in Hertfordshire went exceedingly well. I located the Verulanium Park in Hertfordshire. Located it with no problem. I had a brief stop at the Shell filling station to spend a penny.

The Verulanium Park was a wonderful park to visit. This time lets just say that I was better prepared.

There were a couple of things I did ahead in preparation for my visit to the park.

Tips to exploring

  1. Plan to only visit the park and nowhere else. You need all the time to explore.

  2. Wear suitable clothing- walking shoes, breathable clothing,

  3. Prepare to go alone, and avoid waiting for others who may disappoint you.

  4. Plan the 📅 day/date to go - weekdays are much quieter than weekends.

  5. Plan your journey ahead - how are you getting there? what time do you want to arrive.

  6. Hours spent- remember most public areas have a closing time.

  7. Lunch/snacks - avoid the queues and take your own lunch and snacks.

  8. Explore - avoid sitting down at the first place you see to sit. It's very tempting.

  9. Use the map in the park to find point of interest I.e toilets

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