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Small business start up or support in Nigeria

So I am now trying to coordinate the support I give to women (so far) who wish to start up or support a small business idea. I’m pretty excited now that I have realised what I have been doing all along. Very excited…

The picture below is from a young girl who reached out to me (August 2018) to assist her with the sum of 40k. This was to enable her to buy a second hand “container” to sell and secure her food products during the raining season.

She explained that as she was a “petti” trader, her goods, herself and her son (under a year old) were always soaked when it rained. She lost her stock due to rain water damage.

She sent me a photo of the container that she wanted to purchase. The pictures here show the container, having been installed and being used.

I would like to get a yearly update on their progress…

Let’s see

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