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Mother and daughter

So today (1/12/18) we had a tester mother and daughter session.

The thing about relationships with our children is that you have to make time for them. We take for granted the fact that we all live under the same roof… for now. We forget to pay attention, to nuture and build a friendship that even when they are away,  they will think of us fondly…. and call or visit, or both.

I had informed my daughter of this time out for us together… and moving forward. It was like dragging water from a stone. No effort from her what so ever with suggestions or ideas. She knows her mum is stubborn. Me I was determined today ooo. Even the rain could not stop me.

It was a rainy day, so my original plan to go on a bus ride to the west end, have lunch and do some shopping,  had to change. I knew whatever I planned to do, the car needs to be involved.

To start with, i had already decided that i would not be doing any cooking this Saturday.  Because once I start to cook, my mood to go out will change. I did not want to disappoint my daughter. So to the movies we went. I knew which cinema i wanted to go to. It had to be the cinema with the recliners.

I went online and found the perfect movie “the Nutcracker and the four realm”. It was easy to decide. I was told about the theatre production at work. My colleague son is in performing arts, and is to appear in the theatre version on 3/12/18.

So off we went to the movies. My daughter was pleasantly surprised. She had not been to this movie house before, or experienced the recliners. She was a happy bunny indeed. We had popcorn, slush and fizzy drink. I watched the beginning and ending of the movie. The middle part is to be reviewed again (I was fast asleep)

After the movies we went shopping. First a bit of grocery shopping.  Then cloths shopping. Bought take away for dinner. It’s been a very lovely day indeed with my blessings.

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