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So I went for my yearly MANSAG conference held in Manchester this year (… what an adventure…

I learnt how to use uber…. (another story)

On getting to the hotel just before midnight, it turns out that despite my reservations,  they were overbooked. They had no more rooms… Worsly Park Marriott hotel and Country Club… this was a first for me … never happened to me before… I’ve heard of tales and stories, but never experienced it…..

By 1am I was still at the hotel reception. They did find a room… that no key fob could open… what an event… finally they booked and paid for a room in another hotel and provided me with a taxi to the hotel …. and to pick me up in the morning to bring me back for the conference…. at the Marriot.

I got to bed at 2am…. I did get a refund on my booking but in the grand scheme of things… that was the least of my problem. On reflection I should have tasked myself to get to the conference  in the morning…. it was a 3 hour jou