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FGGC Owerri 2019 global reunion road trip

Indeed visiting Nigeria is an expensive challenge… and I am always up for a challenge. It is not a holiday… it is a trip that completes a part of me spiritually. I spent 4yrs of my secondary school life in this boarding school.

It has actually been 30yrs since I left this particular secondary school. More years since I left the school in the UK.

Federal Government Girls College Owerri (FGGCOw) has a reunion every other year. I have had the good fortune to attend every single one of the reunions todate, 5 so far and counting.

Many activity are lined up re the reunion weekend away. We have an AGM, inter-house sports, gala night, market place, cultural night with many competitions and finally a mass held in church on Sunday. There is always loads of food, drinks and transport to and from event venue. Most importantly I get to reconnect with friends from my youth… be it all legs, bums and tums🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣.

This year again I was nominated and re-elected as the VP diaspora UK. I totally enjoy being one of the ambassadors for my alumni. What else can I do to give back to the school that helped in nurturing me into the person that I am today.

Let the pictures tell the story

Road trip to Enugu FGGC Owerri 2019 global reunion

In the bus… 4hours ride

11 of us in this bus…

Relaxed and feet up in the 4hr mini bus ride

In the hotel at last… feet up….. De Castle Hotel Enugu

UK inter-house sports attendees

Blue house reunion attendees… I was blue house games perfect in my time

There where other house colours too…. we have 7 in total to date

Cat fish peppe soup… I ordered this every day in the hotel

cake to celebrate 30yrs of leaving secondary school …class of 1989

Out and about in Enugu

My global uniform

With my Feddy sisters