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It is just a cold🤗

I am recovering from a cold…. yesterday was the worst part of my cold… I could not move…I was in bed all day… I was supposed to WFH…I had to call in sick😳…. a very difficult decision for me. I am not programmed to call in sick. I am programmed to work around my sickness…. kind of person…

But yesterday my brain would not just engage… I literally slept all day… I couldn’t coordinate, I couldn’t focus, I was restless, hot, bothered, weak, not hungry, not thirsty….but I made sure I ate and drank to aid a speedy recovery.

As a child I was brought up to understand that food and drink is vital when someone is sick… helps recovery. I have memories of watching my family make a fuss over a sick member of the family….. sometimes me. Going out of their way to offer you whatever you want to eat or drink… so long as you ate or drank.

Thanks Angela for preparing my favourite black soup on that very day you heard how crap I felt. Your actions made me miss my mother… oooo that special tea. Thanks Maria for popping round to confirm that I was really poorly and not seeking attention … as if I would…lol

I thank God for good health….

I realised I was really unwell when I had to leave work earlier than planned the previous day. And I simply could not do the simple things I enjoyed doing yesterday I.e. go for a walk to get a Mocha or go to the sauna. I would think about them…. but that was it. Anyway that’s when I knew that the villagers were talking about having a meeting🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣.

To God be the glory I feel better today. Though everything is in slow motion 🤔… I have dragged myself to get my coffee. I hope to WFH today. I have a meeting at noon and a report to complete based on the meeting…

The above paragraph was my plan this morning. But I’ve realised that I still do not have the head space required to work today. So I am going to take it easy today. I will continue to eat and drink and hope to feel even better on Monday. 🤪

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