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I bind and cast liver problem

Who sent me message this early morning while normal people are snoring. So I went to research why I wake up each day at a certain time. Around 2am my eye will shine like I’ve had enough sleep. Every day ooo, like clock work. Especially this week that I am nursing a cold.

My research indicates that my liver is overwhelmed with the detoxifying process.

Kai … come and see immediate rejection in my mind… binding and casting sharply sharply. Liver kwa, mba (no) instead I claim menopause with open hands.

Further research really confirms this rejected view. Teeth 13, (which is not really mine) … is always sensitive at night. Chimoo (my God) what kind of bad luck is this phone. I’m just wanting to blame the phone at this point. Can it really be true? I’m thinking I need a blood test now… LFT plus others?

All I am thinking now is that I’m not really drinking that much alcohol for my liver to be overwhelmed. I know people who really drink (they also know themselves) and they sleep like babies throughout the night. Biko (please) God let this be menopause….

So I’m researching the detox for liver. Omo…. I will need to be at home for 3 days to follow this 72 hour cleanse. I am still binding and casting (my sister Didi will be proud if me) and rejecting any liver issues. Let me go and make a hot drink and sleep. Too much waka deh mg leg tomorrow.

© *Nene O-M*

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