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Free travel pass in Geneva

Updated: Nov 28, 2021

I am afraid of flying. But sometimes, a girl has to do what a girl has to do. Off I go to Geneva for two full days of doing nothing serious.

The flight was smooth on a tiny plane. I knew the aircraft was small when I banged my head, trying to get into my seat. I’m not exactly 6ft tall (5ft 2in, to be precise,

When I checked in initially, I was informed that I had been allocated the emergency exit seat (not again). I didn’t mind cause I would have enough room to stretch my legs🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣. The story was different when I boarded the plane. Boarding from the tail end, my seat was the first seat on the left. The aircraft had only 25 seats. I was seat number 25. I arrived safely and was reminded of the phone tariff. There appear to be no additional costs… Yipee

Free travel

My plan for the two days was to travel around town by public transport. At the airport, while investigating where to buy my bus ticket, I found out that I was entitled to an 80mins duration public transport free ticket to get me safely to my destination. How amazing is that? There is a free ticket machine located at baggage claims. Precisely to dispense free bus/rail tickets. Well, I took that opportunity and off I went to catch my bus.

As confused as I was, I finally located my bus stand. What an achievement, I got on bus 23. Without a word of French, but an address, on my part, and without a word of English on the drivers part, we figured that he would let me know where to change to another bus. I discovered cash or card ticket machine at every single bus stand.

The driver told me that I needed to get off at a stop. I quickly ran to the door with my load. I stood at the door thinking he would let me out, like being used to. The door did not open, and I did not know to open it myself. I have never had to open the door of any public transport myself. It spontaneously opens when the bus stops at a bus stop. Well, not in Geneva. I just stood there, looking back at the driver, like, can’t you see me, open the door now, let me go. Abi, you don't want me to go again. If not for the grace of God that a girl appeared to get onto the bus. She then opened the door from the outside; I may still be standing there with my load. The language barrier is natural…. No English, no French, today na sign language all the way.

I spent the whole day with my cousin’s and eventually did a quick check-in at my hotel around 6 pm… but finally got there at 11 pm… I will review the hotel Ibis on Google, trust me. Because though it is very central, it is the most expensive budget hotel I’ve ever stayed in. For £151 per night, breakfast not included, I expected at least coffee making facilities. Not value for money…. but a clean, central and safe environment.

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