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Dalston Market E8, part of Well-being therapy after …

A Sunday morning trip to Dalston market in Hackney to buy fresh fish started my day off nicely (and ofcourse a Mocha from Costa coffee). I woke up bright eyed and bushy tailed this Sunday morning. Well considering that I was in bed all day Saturday. I actually only got out of bed on Saturday evening because I had to attend a 60th birthday dinner in Tai Square Fullham, SW6…. the in-laws.

I didnt need to wonder around Dalston Market because it’s Sunday, there are no market stalls, just a couple of shops that have regular customers, like myself, on a Sunday. Such as the fish mongers. You can actually count the stalls that are open. Usually the fresh food produce I.e fruit and veg, and the fish and meat sellers. This is the only day of the week I come into Dalston Market. It is the only time I find it therapeutic. I simply drive through or plan it on my early morning Sunday walking route. No crowd, no noise. But this is before 11.00am. If you come with your car anytime after 11.30am, than get ready stress, it becomes a car park. Many people in their church attire coming after church into the market.

Market purchase all over, I went straight to the gym. I achieved my 15 minutes cycling target today. Actually this morning I did 20 mins on the bike…. woop woop. One thing that kept me peddling away was starting the writting of this topic. Cycling done, off to the sauna I went. Women only session.

I had a lovely time in the health suit. Moving between the steam and the sauna.

Back home to resume my role as highly skilled senior house manager. Had a quick bite… brunch. At the same

time made a fresh pot of peppe soup, then pasta for my blessings…

Drank a Guinness, and I’m safely back in bed until further notice.

Happy Sunday people….

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