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Bra search and find –

Updated: May 21, 2021

So I’ve been longing to buy bras for as long as I can remember…. each time I see my fellow breasties😜… Ibiyemi and Mrs O (SoJ crew)…. I automatically notice how their breast are contained… I am then reminded of my plight of getting fitted for a new set of upstanding bras….

Changing shape

Do you know that wearing the right bra makes the difference in your posture and on how the cloths fits… do you also know as we go up in age, our bodies change shape. The challenge is keeping up with the changing shape. It is recommended to replace your bras every six months or maximum twelve months.

Find the time

The problem with London is that we are over populated… so you need appointment for a simple thing like bra fitting…. and I can not keep appointment…. something always comes up😁…and it’s not my breast🤣🤣🤣🤣….

Anyway the bra issue again popped into my mind just as I was rounding up on the training today… I first though of M & S…. that thought soon vanished when I remembered that I rarely wear any of the many bras I have bought from them… I simply do not like the way the bras fit….. all of them…. instead I find myself wearing the 2 padded bras I bought from Primani as a try and see….. though the Primai bras are not my exact size (huge no no), I just love the way they hold my ministry up at my point of need…. but they are not a permanent fix…

Know your style

And a permanent fix is to return to my faithful Bravissimo to be measured and fitted again. Bravissimo at some point were my all and all in terms of my bra and matching undies…. Freya style is perfect fit for me…. Then at some point I realised I could get Freya from John Lewis… that’s how Bravissimo dropped off my radar. All of a sudden, Bravissimo I no go… John Lewis…I no see 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣


Anyway bravissimo has always been on my mind… but making and keeping an appointment has always been the challenge…. it’s just the timing and commitment on my part to book an appointment and actually attend the fitting….

So today I went to Google maps and typed in Bravissimo…. and to my surprise … Bravissimo shop was located right opposite the office I was working from today … in Birmingham.

An experience

With excitement, I walked straight across after I had finished work. I was seen immediately…. not almost immediately, but immediately, immediately. They took my travel case and kept it safe for me. As I was working away from home this week. Then they took me downstairs to their changing room and introduced me to their bra fitting expert, Eileen.

Bra fitting

I knew the drill, once inside my cubicle and without being told, I took off the top part of my cloths and stood there in my bra. My M & S bra. Eileen took a look at my back and breast and guess- estimated size and went off to find a bra for me to try. We then settled for a 34GG. What can I say…. my size hasn’t changed, it’s the fitting of the bra. Now there is a distinct difference between my stomach and breast.

So excited

My goodness me… the bras and matching thongs were worth every single penny… I bought six 6 bras in total. One particular bra cost £36 and has the Jennifer Lopaz style knickers to match (£16) … I have been searching for these knickers …. anyway I cant wait to wear them all💃🏽💃🏽💃🏽💃🏽💃🏽💃🏽💃🏽💃🏽💃🏽….

I am super excited right now. I will go home, have a shower and try everything on … again and again and again… perhaps I can even sleep in a matching set.

Because I’m worth it…

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