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Bones are healed

We are still on the broken foot matter. Remember small Prof. broke (3 bones) in his left foot in November 2018, last year.

Well ever since then I have had a close relationship with this hospital. Two positive things about this hospital for me is that it is very local to me, and I also worked here as a clinican for many years. I guess the third positive by default is that the colleagues I left behind years ago are now senior managers in the hospital. So it’s like a reunion each time I visit. I would bump into one person or another and we will have a long discussion and catchup generally. They knew of my blessings when they were small. So it’s a great surprise to them to see small Prof… this big.

Healing process

Initially the option was to have an operation to repair the bone or have a caste for 6-8 weeks. I told the surgeon absolutely no surgery … we are going to carry caste for as long as it takes. We are not talking about a road traffic accident here. We are talking about broken bones during school sports. The risk of surgery is just too high.

Anyway, we were in a caste for 4 weeks or so. We had to have weekly weight bearing xrays and change of caste. The good thing is that we changed the colours of the caste each visit.

I guess I rubbed off on my blessings some how. Try to be positive in a negative situation. I mean the leg is already broken…. this we can not control. So why be miserable about it. No time to be depressed abeg. Let us change the colour of the caste and get friends to sign it… this we have control over.

Anyway on Christmas eve, after weekly caste changes, the caste was taken off and we were put into a walking boot.

The walking boot ment that small Prof. was now independent of his father assisting him with personal hygiene and driving him to school and back. I am sure his father is relieved. I am sure papa small Prof. is more relieved than small Prof. For the weeks he was in a caste… papa small Prof. had to drop and pick him from school… I am sure the man is singing praise and worship now.

Small Prof. himself is extremely relieved to be free of all caste and boot and hopefully crutches. He has been under immense stress and pressure. Having to walk with crutches, keep his leg elevated constantly, shower with a special shower proof over his foot. Not to talk of the difficulty he had simply sitting on the loo. Things we take for granted.

We thank God that today the walking boot came off. Indeed praise the Lord. The plan is to see the consultant in 4wks and have some physiotherapy input. In the meantime small Prof. is to gradually walk independently, no running, no jumping, no skipping.

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