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Bones are healed

We are still on the broken foot matter. Remember small Prof. broke (3 bones) in his left foot in November 2018, last year.

Well ever since then I have had a close relationship with this hospital. Two positive things about this hospital for me is that it is very local to me, and I also worked here as a clinican for many years. I guess the third positive by default is that the colleagues I left behind years ago are now senior managers in the hospital. So it’s like a reunion each time I visit. I would bump into one person or another and we will have a long discussion and catchup generally. They knew of my blessings when they were small. So it’s a great surprise to them to see small Prof… this big.

Healing process

Initially the option was to have an operation to repair the bone or have a caste for 6-8 weeks. I told the surgeon absolutely no surgery … we are going to carry caste for as long as it takes. We are not talking about a road traffic accident here. We are talking about broken bones during school sports. The risk of surgery is just too high.

Anyway, we were in a caste for 4 weeks or so. We had to have weekly weight bearing xrays and change of caste. The good thing is that we changed the colours of the caste each visit.