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Aches and pains

My knee hurts….

I think I am going to “stop dancing” when I go out. This is still a thought. I’m laughing as I write because my initial thought was to write “stop going out”…. but that is a joke. There is a huge psychological benefit of going out (that’s my story and I’m sticking to it).

And I reap those benefits in leaps and bond. It is my happy pill. It’s like going to the gym, because I dance all night. So I’m releasing the same hormones I would have if I went to an exercise class/gym.

The networking and socialising is definitely a happy pill. At least in the world where we are alone, lonely and depressed. Apparently humans beings thrive better when in a social environment and with touch.

My only hurdle however is the sore knees I have after a few hours on the dance floor. This time around… 3 hours on the dance floor, none stop, has amounted to me planning to take ibuprofen (anti inflammatory) this morning. I really don’t like this new situation. But painful knees is better than no dancing.

I never used to feel this way before. But I know it’s all this getting older business. And to think that I wore slippers last night…. let’s not talk about high heels. I stopped wearing them to dance some time ago…I can not come and kill myself because of dancing….

I feel I am gradually reducing myself to intermittent dancing when I go out….. I will be sitting more and watching those dancing… and not the other way round as is usually the case…. 48 is not 28….

Recovery plan (great for pain healing)

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