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A & E Department

When it rains… it pours.

So I received a call while at work, from Profs school to say that he had sprained his ankle. Off I went, straight to school to pick him up. First time ever in his school life that I have been called to collect him, on health grounds.

OMG what a palava. The pressure at work is unprecedented. I have a target to meet and important documents that I have to be send out by tomorrow.

Marathon man surprised me. He too left work despite the fact that he was on call…. Thats a first😳… he usually does not appreciate this type of inconvenience…. like i do… but hey… i am the mother abi.

Anyway, he came just in time to collect us from the school gates. I was very grateful because Uber had cancelled 2 of the taxi I booked 🤬. So by the time I called marathon man again to get him to try and  book a taxi from his end, he was literally in the same area…