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When it rains… it pours.

So I received a call while at work, from Profs school to say that he had sprained his ankle. Off I went, straight to school to pick him up. First time ever in his school life that I have been called to collect him, on health grounds.

OMG what a palava. The pressure at work is unprecedented. I have a target to meet and important documents that I have to be send out by tomorrow.

Marathon man surprised me. He too left work despite the fact that he was on call…. Thats a first😳… he usually does not appreciate this type of inconvenience…. like i do… but hey… i am the mother abi.

Anyway, he came just in time to collect us from the school gates. I was very grateful because Uber had cancelled 2 of the taxi I booked 🤬. So by the time I called marathon man again to get him to try and  book a taxi from his end, he was literally in the same area…

The school did call him first…. but jis line was busy. I deliberately give his phone number to the school as next of Kin… I believe the responsibility should be shared equally when both parents live in the same town… let alone accommodation …. me I like to share this type of headache…. let my neck not break….

We are still here. An xray has confirmed that he has a Fractured base of metatarsal. A CT scan will confirm the treatment plan… mildly speaking…

I truly appreciate the presence of marathon man here today. It has really taken away the wahala (pains)… the stress has been real for me this week. All I’m doing since I got here is make calls, writing my blog and whatsapp-ing my SOJ🙈🙈🙈🙈🙈🙈

Long live Marathon man…. 🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩

I’m not sure what he will think when he eventually gets around to reading my reflections. But it’s my thoughts and my reflections… he should go and start his thoughts and reflections abeg🤪


CT scan on Prof. left foot confirms that he has multiple fracture of his metatarsal. He will be admitted for one night for observations….He has recieved crutches, his foot will get partial POP tonight (done)…. and loads of pain medicine.

I went home… got him his favourite dinner and all his creature comfort…

I shall see him in the morning

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