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A day and night in Reading… De Vere Wokefield Estate

So my weekend has literally started. Actually it started last night (Friday) in the kitchen cooking… dancing to Naija mix and a couple of glasses later… it was morning.

I am officially on my way to Reading. Spending the day and night at a place called De Vere Wokefield Estate. As usual, I expect to have a ball. I will get there just in time to have lunch. After which I shall proceed to go into the sauna for a session. After that I shall sleep…. wake up in time for dinner and a good time with the girls. All 12 of them… or so.

First of all I arrived safely. We thank God. Travelled by coach this time, seamless and comfortable journey. . 30mins from the first stop at Heathrow airport. I couldn’t even get a proper sleep on the coach. Before I could shut my eyes, we had arrived in Reading. Thank God I was not travelling alone. Because, the coach park is actually a car park and nothing else. A car park in the middle of nowhere. Surrounded by the motorway and farmland. Thank God it’s afternoon. This can never be a night move.

I wasn’t surprised that Uber disappointed, no cars available. Its becoming a norm for Uber…. no capacity to meet demand. Anyway, I called the hotel to get a taxi to pick us up, which they obliged… then I spotted a black cab dropping off a passenger at the ‘moto park’. Next minute we were all in the said black cab… I then found myself frantically trying to get the taxi firm to cancel the booked taxi. Got to the hotel and asked the receptionist to cancel the cab👏👏👏….

My room wasn’t ready when I arrived. So I continued with my plan.. had a quick bite at the bar (spaghetti) and something to drink before heading to the sauna at 3pm. G n T just to balance my nerves. I was starving before the food came. OMG, what a waste of plate. Plenty plate and small food. Why do they do that?. There should be a law against such deceit. You see a big plate, you automatically expect a big food…

Located my room and settled in for about 2 hours. Then off we went to the sauna and pool. It was freezing outside, but it was worth the stroll. Had a lovely relaxing session at the pool and sauna. By the time I got back to my room again I just had an hour to prepare for dinner at 7pm.

Dinner was amazing. Even though we all ate our weight in bread. I am officially rejecting any subsequent constipation (just saying). I think it was more of the company, than the food, but I had a swell time. We had a private room to ourselves to dine in. Yep, we are posh like that🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣. Anyway, we were all relaxed and chilled. So chilled that we over stayed by 2hours…oops… it wasn’t entirely our fault… they just kept on serving us…

I’m not sure when the next date for our chillax would be. But I will keep you posted….. with my blog obviously


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