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Working from home at 4am

Reporting myself

My screen saver

So this morning… I woke up at 4am … and I immediately knew that sleep had left the building😬… so trying to avoid the normal struggle to find sleep… I did a mental scan of all the likely things I could do in the mean time… especially after my recent experiences of cooking to fill the sleep gap…

I rejected cleaning…abeg let the cleaner come this Friday and see what to clean… anyway I settled excitedly on logging into work and doing all my reporting ready for the Monday team meeting… I decided on completing my reporting for work as our reporting system has a lot of traffic and I have been waiting for the opportunity to update my reports for two days. Basically, you cant get access once someone is using the system or has accidentally locked it. What a palava…. I think these things are designed to irritate… anyway all sorted… I logged in… responded to emails (some historic🙈), wrote some emails and did my reporting.

I am working from home (WFH) today and 2 other days this week…. this WFH is becoming part of how I work and deliver my role.… but it is expected apparently… so that’s how it needs to be.

I had some time to browsed the work intranet to find a completely new directorate that focuses on supporting us on how to work smartly. Can you imagine … they have workshops etc🤷🏾‍♀… the good news is that I am expecting a computer screen at home from work this month… in aid of providing additional support to my existing cognitive challenges🙈

In the meantime… having done all my reporting at 4am… I am sitting at my computer feeling calm and in control of my Monday morning.…I even had enough time to eat eba (gari and Okoro soup)…. I am having a cup of tea and typing up some key documents…. waiting patiently and confidently for my one and only meeting today 1pm – 3pm…

Tomorrow I have a meeting in Portsmouth hospital…

How is your Monday morning doing?

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