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Working from home

I am working from home today. It is actually a skill I want to learn. I failed woefully last week🙈. Well, I found it more stressful working from home. On reflection with others who regularly work from home there are things I could implement to support this way of working. I need to really make this happen as it is the future way of working embracing digital technology.

As you know I reflect on any thing good or bad🙈. I realised that using my study that has a desk and chair …. rather than the couch (I never use the dinning) should improve my ability to work from home. So here I am… all set up at the desk

So far so good…. I am excited with this new insight. The setup in the study is great. The view is wonderful, bright and airy. And today the sun is shining.

To think that I had a study to my disposal all this time🤦🏾‍♀ and I was struggling with my couch. Wondering sometimes aimlessly between the living room and kitchen. The distance to the kitchen from the study is even a deterant. I have only managed to drink the coke in the fridge. Under normal circumstances I would not drink coke. But working from home has a way of making me just think of eating and drinking all day long.

So aside from the actual working from home environment, I did actually go for a walk this morning and got a coffee as I would if I was on my way to work.

I’ve decided to work at least one day from home each week. Thursday’s seem to be just the right day….

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