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Creating an eCommerce website (chronicle)

Updated: Feb 4, 2021

So as you can imagine I have decided to build my own eCommerce website. No, I am not mad or going cray cray, I am just determined to consolidate all my favorite pass time,hobbies and activities into one nice play space. The website would be a combination of my blog, eCommerce, YouTube video and any other lifestyle habits I may bump into and wish to include.

I am so excited


Today after watching 1 or 2 YouTube videos, I succeeded in importing almost all of my blog post from to It was such an easy process that I am still in disbelief.

I also succeeded in cancelling my domain ( from being mapped to my previous blog (

I hope to map my domain to my new website once I have built it sufficiently.

19-Jan- 2021

Today I am still admiring my new blog page on my new website. I am yet to launch this site. I can't believe I had the patience to set this up. I am still in awe. I fiddled around with the website until I literally became cross-eyed.

Today I was also reminded that my WordPress subscription has expired. Thats another £36 to go out for the year.

Today I made sure that my Domain renewal had the correct payment details.

20 - Jan 2021

Today I played around with the graphics, pages, fonts and colours on the website. I am getting confident using the dashboard. I even got to upload one of my YouTube videos. I created a new Vlog page for this and deleted the standard podcast page that came with the theme.

Today I also cancelled my WordPress subscription. Today I officially have no website linked to my domain. So, technically this new chronically blog is not available to the public.

Today I received a sample "guest hand towel" 50cm x 30cm. This was a perfect same.

21- Jan- 2021

I didn't do any creative work on the website this evening because I went out.

25 -Jan - 2021

Today I edited the vlog page and included a YouTube button. I went through the previews of each page. I took pictures of a new product and included these in the website.

I reflected on when to launch the website. Its likely to be February, but definitely before March 2021.

3 - Jan - 2021

Today I paid for my new website and mapped the domain name to my new website host. I was initially confused and found the whole process overwhelming. To the point that I forgot the password to my domain site. This was all clarified after a call with the domain host. It would take 48hrs for the changes to take effect.

4th Feb 2021

Today my new website was launched. It was sooner than I had anticipated. It is now in the public domain. It is still under construction and I will continue to develop it as it is being used. So I am relying on the feedback from members.

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