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Washing machine self maintenance

Just got back from a long break and tried to wash a load of cloths. Half way through the wash cycle the washing machine stopped. I couldn’t believe it. The laundry basket was full and over flowing and the machine was now out of service. Stopped with a drum full of water and all the lights flashing.

Annoyed and irritated can not describe what I felt😡

All my attempts to get it started again, failed.

The next morning I called the insurance company to get an engineer to come round. After taking my details and brief explanation of the problem, the lady proceed to tell me that it sounds as if the filter to the machine is blocked. She asked when last I had cleaned the filter and descaled the machine. I told her never.

Quite frankly I didn’t know the machine had a filter that needed clearing out once in a while. I thought technology had moved on. Why do I still need to fiddle with filters. In terms of de-scaling, I kind of figured I needed to de-scale the pipes to omit the foul smell that pops up once in a while. For this I had bought a washing machine cleaner which I had never used.

What I bought

Anyway, now faced with the reality of a broken down washing machine, I immediately bought a product from the company over the phone to help with maintainance moving forward. Talk about selling you products under pressure. Apparently all I have to do is add this tablet into the machine once a month on a hot cycle. Sounds easy enough.

But the machine is still not working. In terms of fixing the machine now, she gave me three options to proceed.

Option 1. She could provide me with the instructions on how to clean the filter which will get the machine working immediately.

Option 2. She could book an engineer to call round and fix the problem.

Option 3. She could give me the instructions and still book an engineer to call round.

I chose option 1 because I would rather get the machine working now. I had a mountain of cloths to sort out. I figured that it would he unlikely that they would have an engineer ready to attend today. She gave me detailed instructions which I carried out below.

1. Turn the machine off from the switch. 2.Remove panel from the bottom of the washing machine

Panel removed

3. Locate filter and unscrew slowly anti clockwise to drain the water in the machine… loads and loads of water

4. Unscrew filter completely.. 5. Take out and clean… 6. insert finger into the filter cavity and remove any obstructions, 7. turn the filter wheel to make sure it rotates freely

8. Replace filter and panel. 9. Reset the machine by pressing and holding for 30 seconds the start button and the off/on button

What a learning curve this has been for me. I am now wondering why I am paying for insurance on this machine if I could fix it myself.

I am just saying

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