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Video editing crash course from a social media teenager …

Watch “Why I cut off my hair of 13 year” on YouTube.

So I made this vlog over a year ago. And I have only just posted it on my YouTube today. It has taken me so long to post it simple because it needed editing and I did not know how.

I have researched and gone through several editing tutorials and downloaded and deleted several editing apps. But I just could not get the basics of editing. The basics to me included understanding and knowing how to cut and paste clips and remove volume on certain clips. Without these skills, my vlog has remained on the pile of videos to upload once edited…. for a long time.

It is a blessing to have the younger generation who are social media savvy. OMG, I simply made a comment to myself which my son heard…. my comment was out of frustration of not being able to edit my vlog.

Well, my son, who is permanently attached to one game or another, heard my cry. He asked me what was wrong, I explained to him my frustration. Within 20mims of telling him my desire to learn how to edit my vlog, i had learned the skill to edit. Within 20mins, he had given me a crash tutorial on using the free IMovie app on my IPad to edit my vlog. I am still in shock and extremely excited. OMG this May bank holiday Monday is going to be a vlogging affair.

I can’t wait for all the holidays I have booked….1 down, 4 to go. And all the other vlogable moments. I will definately put my vlogging equipment to great use. Since I acquired these items I may have used them I believe just once…

Check out my tripod stand. Like I said, I have all the necessary equipment. No excuses, just confidence to vlog.

Watch this space.

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