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Unconscious bias

 So coming to work last week… I got off the bus and for some reason my fast pace slowed right down as I found myself walking behind a lady that was impossible to walk past… she looked like a ” bag lady”

Each time I tried to walk past her… I failed…

I got agitated by the fact that I just could not go past her… I couldn’t walk any faster myself to actually make that break…

Each time I tried to walk by… over take her…. there was an obstacle… I.e giving way to some one or something coming the opposite direction..

I did not notice her at first until I became rather agitated with my situation

From the way she was dressed… my conclusion was that she was a bag lady…

You know… Multiple disorganised layers of clothing

I then started looking at the lady herself

All her clothing were not matching

 Looking rather oversized…  layers upon layers…. drapped over each other

To confirm my suspicion of the bag lady theory, she had multiple layers of bags… I guess to go with her style

She had on a hat…

But the hair underneath the hat must have been all of 5 women hair  combined😳

I was wondering could she not have let the hair hang down

Then pull the hat over what she could … covering her ears

Was she wearing the hat because her hair was untidy 🤔 or Was the hat because she was cold?