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The Kings Fund - illustrating the relationship between poverty and NHS services.

I came across The Kings Fund report, and the first thought that came to my mind was:

"How do we make the African community aware of the danger ahead"?

Click this link and test your awareness level.

Does this report refer to me?

This report explores the link between poverty and the prevalence of ill health, difficulties accessing health care and poorer health outcomes, arguing poverty has a significant impact on health. It suggests the NHS can only treat the symptoms of poverty, with broader government, economic and civic society action needed to treat the cause.

I am reflecting as an African in the diaspora.

Is it often out of ignorance and sometimes denial that we avoid or fail to understand the true meaning of such reports?

It is interesting to note that in the context of the provided text from The King's Fund, many Africans in the diaspora might not recognise themselves as being poor because their perception of poverty is influenced by the conditions in their home countries, which could be even worse.

What does that mean?

This perception can impact how they assess their socioeconomic status and access to healthcare compared to the reality of poverty in their host countries.

Who cares?

This has implications for understanding and addressing poverty-related health disparities, as poverty significantly affects individuals' health and their utilisation of healthcare services, with particular challenges for marginalised communities.

Here are the statistics on the state of health for African people in the UK. Consider this as you reflect on whether you are in this category!!

The bigger picture

Click to Take the quiz and check your health awareness.

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