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The issue about my hair… or the lack off

A couple of weeks back I recieved the nicest complement from a lady, at work, about my hairstyle. She was indeed full of praise and admiration of my style, wearing such a low cut, actually bald.

Ever since I shaved off and maintained a bald hair style, I have had so many admiring and positive feedback from fellow women. Women often stop me to have a quick chat and admire me from close up. Im not sure what they think after they’ve stopped me, but we chat about my courage and boldness to wear my hair bald. They always comment that they wish they had the courage to cut their hair low, talkless of going bald. My conversation with these women almost seem to be like a mini counselling session, on both sides.

This June 2019, will make it 2 years I shaved off my hair. I did raise money for Meningites UK. It is a cause very close to my heart as you know, I suffered and survived meningitis a few years ago and as a result alot of things changed in my life.

But the show as they say, must go on….

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