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The cat got a present

Seriously I am not sure what direction we are going with this stray cat. Just a few days ago on Thursday, the cat feeder mentioned that a member of his running club had said that they would like to have the cat. I was overjoyed. And started feeling a sense of loss. But quickly reminded myself that it’s for the better. After all the cat did live in the garden.

Anyway, on Saturday morning a delivery arrived. I got to find out what it was when I went into the garden to hang out the washing.

The delivery was a cat scratching post. I didn’t know what to think at first. I said to the cat, “oh you’ve got a new toy I see”. The cat just looked back at me.

The cat feeder later informed me that the cat scratching post was to stop the cat from constantly scratching at the door.

The cat remains well feed and watered. I only hope someone adopts her soon.

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