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Spring is here – cats only

The rule

Who noticed the clocks changed

I never knew the day would come when the clock changing process in March, would mean nothing at all to the vast majority of people. What an experience. Literally the nation stood still, as the clock changed.

The hour difference made no difference unless ofcourse you are still going to work or a patient. Whether the time jumped 10 hours forward or 10 hours backwards is neither here nor there as the nation is on lockdown .

The cat

The stray cat that lives in our garden appears to be the only creature that is enjoying the sunshine this spring. I’m not sure if there was a memo to keep out of the garden. Because there is absolutely no one outside in any of the gardens, on any day😷

Each time I look out into the garden, the cat has assumed a new sun bathing position. Totally oblivious to the fact that there is a pandemic sweeping the world.

I mean this cat has absolutely nothing to worry about. It is being watered and fed and de-flea (is this a word).

When it is not occupied with sun bathing, then it is engaged with scaring me by suddenly appearing, standing on it’s back legs with its hand stretched up to the sky, belly against the glass. And at the same time giving a loud meow. Before attempting to scratch it’s way through the glass door or window.

Other than that, the rest of the time it is sitting by the door or window. Watching our every move. I honestly wish I had no allergies and I could let the cat in, but the fear of an asthma attack, especially now, would not let me be great.

Despite this arrangement, the cat looks happy enough. Keen to come and play once you open the door, let alone step into the garden. It appears that she may have not liked the self heating blanket because it suddenly disappeared from her crib. There is a case of a missing blanket.

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