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Check out this review of De Vere Wokefield Estate on Google Maps

So today i received a response to one of the many Google reviews I gave. The review on…. De Vere Wokefield Estate in Reading.

My initial review stated that the venue was ” not quite as posh as it sounds”. That was my impression of the few hours I spent there. Based on the areas I saw, the staff I met and the facilities I used. So I got a response from the venue director.

I do take these reviews seriously…. somehow. Seriously enough for me to want to write a review, that is. I have friends who will not go or buy things unless the place or product has positive reviews… I couldn’t understand this at first. Because I am a “try for myself kind of person”. I somehow believe that my experience will be different.

Well I have amended my review slightly. Because the response from the venue, prompted me to reflect and analyse the exact concerns I had with my experience on Saturday. What exactly did I feel would have made my own experience of the place better?

It was quite easy for me to pin point the root cause of my weak review. After all, I have had many a spa and hotel stay up my sleeves. I absolutely, unashamedly love hotels and indulge in their spa. So I have many to compare this experience with.

First of all..

1. For a quiet hide away, I felt it unnecessary that I had to access the spa facilities by walking through a busy bar…🤷🏾‍♀… I could understand the Marriott in Liverpool City town centre. But not this countryside venue.

2. So after the catwalk through the bar, … I then need various access methods to get into the gym (swipe card) or sauna/pool (code)….. I don’t gerit🤷🏾‍♀… I’m having to memorize numbers up and down.

3. In my opinion, the pool and spa does not appear to be part of the refurbishment…this resembles more like my local health suite, very similar… there were no lounger chair in sight. After a sauna session, you are forced to sit upright in a normal chair, not relaxing at all… like you came for a meeting😡

4. I did not spot any shoe cover in sight (unless I missed it). What brought my attention to this, was that a friend forgot her slippers in the room. Ordinarily I would not go round looking for shoe cover.

5. I found it interesting that such a venue would not have a steam room. Even if it’s a single cubicle. I guess that is optional. But for a grand facility like this, with acres of land, surely they could have squeezed it in somewhere?. And squeezed in an aromatherapy room too … I guess there is no chance of a Jacuzzi…(just saying)

6. For the time I was there, I did not notice any staff member carrying out spot checks on users… other establishments that i have visited, often do regularly checks.

Having said all this, the best thing I loved about the hotel was the optional interconnecting doors that two rooms share. That is just awesome.

I will definately revisit this venue in the future. The grounds are breathtaking… the staff ever so friendly… the service during our dinner was amazing and above board

..I will ofcourse let you know ahead of my visit.

Kind regards


(Sterling Life Style)

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