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Ready Now…7.2.1

I continue on my personal journey of learning, discovery and change. This ofcourse is constantly happening as I discover me.


I have been accepted on what I can describe as a game changer programme for my career. I have never blogged about my career. It feels as if I don’t have one sometimes maybe because I love my job (most times) and I’m always busy living my best life doing everything else when I am not at work.The first module of this year long programme is a 3 day residential with 43 other black and Minority individuals in very senior management positions in health…yes I am Ready Now.

The application

The programme was recommended to me by a very senior colleague who is white. Who having worked with me, felt that I could benefit from the words of wisdom this course had to offer. Funny how God uses people to directs your path in life. Without this referral I may not have applied for the programme…. who knows?

The decision

I had a big decision to make…. to apply or not to apply… decision decision. My initial concern which I discussed openly with colleagues (you know me right) was the lack of a formal qualification after completion. It’s a whole year. It’s a whole year for goodness sakes and you come away with no formal certificate. How annoying is that. But I decided that this would be an exception to the rule for me. Within a few hours of the initial recommendation I had applied for the course.

The interview

Then I got an interview to be recorded and sent via a system called Sonru. It was again by the grace of God that I did not swear at any stage of the interview. I will never forget that interview. It took me 45mins to resolve the IT issue. By resolve I mean that I eventually I realised that my work laptop had a firewall that prevented the use of the app. I had to download the app on my Samsung phone, stack the phone up on some books and whizzed through the interview, fuming….. the rest is history…

Its a big family

I can’t really let the cat out of the bag for people who will undertake this programme. I did find it strange that I could only find one YouTube video on the programme. Almost suspicious, but, no I did not discover a secret cult. But it is only fair that I avoid spilling the beans for others behind. In 3 days I met 43 great leaders and one MP Naz Shah (below) whose story struck a cord with me…

A great team

I came with an open mind. I didn’t even read the hand book. I did try, but it just didnt work at the time I tried. And I’m sure I went on to watch some Nollywood movie. I didn’t get to read up on all the fantastic and awesome facilitators, support staff and programme team. But I am glad I didn’t need that information because to experience the team first hand was much better. The Ready Now programme is designed with a lot of love for me.

I love me a story

Well I thought I was coming to enjoy 3 days of death by PowerPoint. But the teaching method for module 1, is right up my street. As you know I am a story teller, I love stories, I embrace stories, I learn from stories and I remember stories. At work one of the work stream I am leading on, is capturing stories of patient, family/carer and staff through out patient services. Dr Eden (above) is a great communicator.

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