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Mental exercise: mind over matter

The minute I decide to increase… start or continue with any form of exercise… that’s the minute all the forces against that thought start in earnest…

My routine since 2019

Since I returned from Christmas holiday, all I do… is come home… eat something… usually light…. drink Guinness…. get into bed (snack) and lounge until I fall asleep…. At first it was new year, January mood. Now its february and I’m having to send a memo to self.

Papa Kachi na Ofuune does not help matters… he is my stout supplier😡…. even when I’m in bed ooo… he will bring a bottle of small stout to me in bed😡…. this can be rather annoying, cos most times I am not thinking of drinking… next thing I know, drinks has been presented before me. This man should just drink for himslef and leave me alone abeg (I pray he does not read this blog 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣)…..

The man belongs to a running club… he runs the marathon all over the country/world (presently preparing for the Comrades in South Africa)…he runs or exercises everyday up and down the place, as fit as a fiddle. Anyway the problem is I can’t tell him to stop buying me stout…. because his memory has SIM card🤷🏾‍♀… plenty capacity for storage. Let me not cause problem seeing that we are getting old together. I can’t wait for Lent 🙏 … I really cant wait.

Reminder to exercise

I am reminded on a daily basis for the need for me to exercise. From the minute I set off to go to work in the morning. The train station I use to commute to and from work has many steps. Going to work I climb down a couple of flights of stairs… coming home… I climb up a couple of flights of stairs… coming home is the worse part. My legs feel like lead … just yesterday I thought rather than go to the gym and pay money I should rather come to the station and match up and down the plenty steps🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣…. that should do the trick.

Trainers as a fashion accessory

…. Papa Kachi na Ofunne tries his best to encourage me to exercise. Just last week I got another pair of trainers. I wore them to work today… that’s all I do with my trainers 🙈🙈🙈🙈🙈🙈… fashion accessory.

I can do this….

Something very funny happened yesterday on my way home from work. As usual, I came out of the station and crossed the road. Amongst the commuters walking my direction, I noticed someone jog past me… I looked up and realised it was papa Kachi na Ofunne🙈… meanwhile I was walking like a pregnant woman😫… when I got to the main entrance he was standing their waiting to engage me in a discussion… me I quickly said hi, entered so people don’t think “oh this fit man knows this woman”…. 🙈… again I thought…. I really need to increase my exercise level.

An attempt

So this morning I went to work with my gym and sauna things. I am actually registered at the gym at work, but I have never used it or seen it again since my first visit. I am also registered with my local gym. The membership at my local gym allows me to use any of their branches in the UK. A topic for another day.

Mental prep

So last night I had mentally prepared my gym bag, before I actually did the packing this morning. My plan was to go ride a bike in the gym for 20mins at least…. mentally I have made up my mind that I will try and increase my level of activity as part of my lifestyle. I have been down this road several times before. It is indeed a cycle. You get off and on. The worse thing is not trying to get back on.

Let’s do this

I have decided that February is the month of cycling in the gym…… I’ve done it now for 2 consecutive Sundays this month… 15mins each time (before running into the sauna)…. those 15mins feel like eternity when I’m on the bike🙈… the sweat and breathlessness is real. However, I look forward to using the sauna … that’s my reward….. I know that going to the gym on its own will not work for me…. so this is my plan to get me moving.

Pan B

Unfortunately the gym was filled to it’s capacity by the time I got there just after 7pm today. So I only got to do the sauna. Am not deterred, I am looking forward to Thursday and Sunday. I’m excited with the burst of energy…. I am mentally prepared… for now. I might just take my colleagues up on the idea of exercising during lunch hour. They both did that today…. including showering… and make-up stay spray …. that’s definitely a plan B.

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