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Lunch time treat … on a pick me up day: one square meal

I just couldn’t resist the temptation. Once the thought of this meal came into my mind… it was a battle I could not fight. I just had to have it… and I was not disappointed…. I enjoyed every single mouthful… my one square meal for today. I don’t have the stomach capacity to eat anything else once I’ve had this… it takes forever to digest…. slowly. Anyway who says I must eat 3 times a day… I have my own time table….

I’m not sure what the reward was… the food or the long walk back home. I refused to take any form of transport… I initially wanted a take away, but decided that for my own health it was better to eat at the resturant, then walk home. All in an attempt to balance the lifestyle of healthy eating and exercise.

Well I made it home, huffing and puffing and feelimg really pleased about the effort I made to walk.

I also got the distance on my phone and realised walking there and back would make up my 5km walk on any day.

Let’s see how it goes… this may be my new route….

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