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Leicester Racecourse

Beautiful venue

I’ve never been inside a racecourse before. I’ve heard about them, I’ve actually passed one… several times. I think that one has been sold off to land developers to build houses. I’m not sure if that’s the sign of things to come.

When I heard the word racecourse, I automatically thought of betting. I’m not sure if that’s a good thing or a bad thing. But I do know, growing up, horse and dog racing was associated with gambling. Making a bet on which animal will come first in the race. And gambling was seriously frowned upon. As a child, I didn’t understand why…. but as I grew up I realised that it was for my own good.

To tell the truth, my sense will not allow me to place my hard earned money on a race, that I may not win…. I should ask, who does that?…. but I know many people do.

Anyway, today I had the opportunity to enter the grounds and one of the buildings on the very large ground of the racecourse, all the way in Leicester.

I am not sure what I expected. It was empty. No horses and no dogs running around. No race happening. Just well manicured lawn. Quite frankly I didnt see any other person except for the man that gave us direction when we arrived.

I was not here for the horses or dogs. I came for other business. It was nice to finally experience a racecourse… be it an empty one. I could just hear the commentator over the radio hailing the horses and dogs as they raced round the course…

Business over… off I went home, still no sign of a horse or dog…

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