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Lazy Monday

I think everyone should have a lazy Monday as often as possible.  So I took the day off today. My plan was to go for a coffee … go to the sauna then go for lunch… I didn’t go for the coffee… I had oats instead at home… I did go to the sauna. I went for the women only session… as I like to be in my birthday suit…

I met a young lady who reflected on her health journey….. she has recently been diagnosed with breast cancer… after repeated GP visits and eventually being referred to see a specialist in hospital … where she had to insist on an investigation… anyway it turns out that she had a cancerous lump in her breast… listening to her today, she remains positive and proactive in her lifestyle change.

… had a take away for lunch… vegetable soup with fish… came home… the rest is history…. woke up from a  2 hours sleep feeling energised… lookimg for what to do and what to snack…

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