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Ingrown toenail; a visit to the chiropodist - foot health check

This was my second visit to a chiropodist. I feel everyone should undergo a foot health check as often as possible.

My first chiropodist appointment was over 20yrs ago—at that time, I had ingrowing toenails, which was resolved at the first visit.

So when I started experiencing similar discomfort at the exact corners of my big toenails, I knew exactly what was happening and that the problem needed to be resolved urgently before it worsened.

I love taking care of my feet. Of course, It's attached to my body, so why not. Taking care of my feet is part and parcel of the care I give myself daily.

I rarely go for pedicures. Let's say I have delicate feet, and I prefer taking care of them myself. My experience of having a pedicure has always been frightening and painful.

Keliod attention

But my visit to the chiropodist was remarkably pain-free. I left feeling well informed and knowledgeable on how to continue taking care of my feet

I don't have perfect feet, so what I am blessed to have, I take good care of. You remember my "Abuba-Eke" blog (3 Jan 2019). Well, I still have the keliod under my left 🦶 foot. I have declined to have another operation. Instead, I now manage that long term pain and discomfort with a "kinesiology tape".

Today, the chiropodist debrided that keliod area. She took away the dry skin and leaving the keliod smooth, shiny and hydrated.

I encourage you to pay more attention to your feet. Stop looking down at them. Indulge yourself and book a visit to your local chiropodist/podiatrist. It is not the same as going for a pedicure. It's much better.

What is a podiatrist/chiropodist?

Podiatrist is the modern description for a Chiropodist. Podiatrists are degree-educated HCPC registered healthcare professional who offer assessment, treatment, surgery and advice for a huge range of foot and ankle conditions (Head and Short)

The trick is to make your foot care part of your daily routine.

Thank you Victoria Villagomez,

@ Head and Short for a great service.

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Tochi Balogun
Tochi Balogun
Oct 10, 2021

Thanks for sharing! One to recommend to hubby, who I think needs more than a pedicure

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