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Induction to UBER

*I have finally navigated UBER*

So … finally … finally I found myself using uber… I knew the day would come and I would be cornered to make that choice… some time last year I had downloaded the app… but i did not complete my registration. I stopped at the point were i  had to put my card details…..  mba…

Anyway I arrived in Manchester…  and my common sense told me that this is not  those remote towns I go to … were everywhere is walking distance and with no traffic…

my normal self would have jumped into a black  cab… but my financial spirit said no… take the next option… it was 11pm… if only it was during the day… I would have navigated their public transport systen with my rucksack.

Anyway this uber app had been annoying me on my phone… but my spirit (common sense) told me delete was not an option…

I clicked the app… it told me exactly where to go for my pick up point. I confirmed my destination… I got a car registration on my phone… I looked up to see a car parked right in front of me…. the rest is history….

Now going back to my spirit of taking an Uber rather than a black cab… who would think there would be traffic …. hold up at 11pm…. come and see me doing praise and worship in my mind…. if I was in a black cab i would have experienced many symptoms of a rare condition I.e palpitations… upset stomach… severe anxiety… temporary confusion…. anger…. thank God for my financial spirit

© *Nene O-M*

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