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I wrote a letter and posted …

I posted a letter today 12/8/2019. I mean I actually went through the whole process of writing the letter, putting it into an envelop, attaching a stamp and posting.

First of all I found an envelope. I have a collection of envelops. Odd ones here and there that I have accumulated over some time. I know exactly where to look on the bookshelf.

Then I found my book of 1st class stamps. I also know where to find them. Again I always keep a book of 1st class stamps incase I need to post a letter (like today). I am not sure about you, but I can’t remember the last time I wrote and posted a letter. An actual letter, that I wrote and not a card, a letter…. as in “Dear somebody”. Cards are more recent, but having side that, I can’t remember how recent I guess a couple of years recent as I tend to give cards out in person.

For me, in 2019, everything in terms of communication with my friends and family is pretty much done electronically. Either written or speaking via telephone or facetime. If it wasn’t for the fact that my sister presently does not have a phone (another blog), then I guess I would not have the need to write and post a letter.

What a palava. Not having a phone in 2019. Gosh, it sounds like a s