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I am worried about my sponsored child

Sponsor a child

I didn’t sleep well last night. I believe it is a combination of the situation we are all faced with, Covid19.

So last night I woke up thinking seriously about the child I sponsor in Togo through the organisation Plan International. I worry about what would happen to the child if anything happened to me?

So this morning I called Plan International and spoke to their representative. She couldn’t give me any specific information on my child because of the local Covid19 policies now in place which means that staff are now working from home and no longer have contact with the children. The absence of electricity in the villages means online contact is difficult.

This November will make it 20yrs that I have been sponsoring children through Plan International. It is a life time commitment for me. We are all in this together and by Gods grace I still have many more years to keep sponsoring children.

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