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Happy fathers and dads day…

Happy fathers day to all the fathers and dad’s out there. Millions of men around the world are being celebrated and recognised for a job well done.

You know we have pockets of fathers such as adoptive, biological, putative and step fathers etc . Then you have dads. It is also said that a dad may be your father, but your father may not be your dad. (Get it?).

This fathers day morning someone I know has just been informed that he is not the father to his children so he has been playing the role of dad all this time.

The finding out

When someone who is usually quiet, all of a sudden becomes verbal making statements such as ‘the world is a wicked place’… then you know something is not right. When I read his status this morning on whatsapp…. the first time I’ve ever seen his status… I thought someone had died…. I was not expecting this sort of news at all.

Is it a trend?

A few days ago I watched one of my favourite male YouTuber talk about this same topic…. the YouTube story was based on finding out you are not the father of a child after 17years…. in my friends case, today being fathers day, he has been informed through lab tests that after 8 years of raising the children he is not their father ….I was initially lost for words , I actually didn’t know how to continue the whatsapp chat. I quickly checked the month to make sure it was not April…. (April fool)

Whats the big deal?

The shock is about being deceived by another adult I guess. Because does it really matter… make a difference? … that they are not naturally your children… child? That an Adult is not the biological parent? does it change your ability to care for the children? . Can’t we look after children randomly …. children that have no biological connection to us? Or is it a matter of consent?…. not being part of the plan throughout

The big deal

There is a saying that goes ‘only a woman knows the father of her child’. I guess it’s a woman and the lab result now. These stories are becoming rampant…. or am I just getting to hear about them?. Are we getting to the stage where DNA is carried out at the birth of a child…. just to be sure.

At this rate we would also need to do Or DNA tests as adults, at the point of getting into a relationship….. just to make sure you are not related to the person you are getting into a relationship with I.e siblings.

It sounds preposterous now, but if you think about it logically, the biological father is likely to have other biological children elsewhere. And these children do not know each other exists. And remember my previous blog about being swapped at birth. It’s looking quite possible that we are setting the stage for future generations to have a rough time. As they say ‘The evil that men do lives after them’.

Good luck

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