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God is always on time…

Your time is unique

On the train making my way back to London (4 Dec. 2019). I was trying very hard to have a nap before I arrived at my destination. The train stopped at Basingstoke station and passengers got off and on. Two ladies sat in the seats behind me and made themselves comfortable. They appear to be in their 60s. I then overheard one of the lady say to the other lady…. “You are moaning about not having any grand children… I do not have any children”

This statement was indeed the fact of life and our paths in life. We are all on different paths. But in everything we give thanks. If you look well, you will see that you have all you need.

24 hours earlier Yesterday, I had a brief encounter with an old social friend I bumped into at my local train station. Back in the days, 30yrs ago, we all used to meet at the same club.

I have bumped into him on several occasions. He tends to gets off the train at the point I get on, to begin my journey in the morning. I have also seen him at another social venue I occasionally attend.

Different journey start time

This time we both got on the same train heading the same direction. This was at the end of the day as I started my journey at 5pm. I could see that he was on his way back from work… and I was on my way to work.

Update on biography I started chatting with him about travelling for work, catching my train to Portsmouth and trying to make sure that I saw my family before I left for the trip.

He immediately asked the ages of my blessings and before I could finish responding, he said “you started late”.

I am not one to carry this marriage thing on my head, even after 19yrs and counting. I will not go into it here because it’s just too deep. I just hate being defined by the fact that I am married. It is not all I want to achieve in my life. It is simply part of the culture I was brought up to know.

You see why I should have talked about the weather instead. But I believe I had this encounter with this guy for a reason and I am about to deliver my ministry.

At this point I thanked God for wisdom and maturity that I now have. I knew at that moment that I was about to give a crash insight into the biography of the Nene that he has never known about. I didn’t even remember his name. But we knew each other from meeting at certain social gatherings over past 30 odd years. At the least, he is older than me by 10 years. But I believe that he must be under the notion that we were mates.

I was just annoyed at that comment and insinuation that we, as human beings are all on the same path and must all achieve the same goals at the same time. We forget that some roads are not that straight forward. Some roads are blocked, have potholes, obstruction, diversions, one way etc etc.

Anyway this my acquaintance wanted to justify his comment by adding… “if your children were older, you would have the freedom to travel”😳…

I asked him “what has my children’s age got to do with me travelling”. I traveled with them when they were small. When I couldn’t, I made arrangements for a nanny/father. I continued to indulge him with a list of all the countries and places I have had the pleasure of visiting alone and with my children. And also places and countries I plan to visit, God giving me life… at this point his mouth was open.

I told him that if I had married any earlier than I did… and my children were any older than they were.. then it was more than likely that I would have been divorced by now…. (statistically). He understood exactly what I was saying and I could see from his expression…. his acceptance of my words of wisdom… all of a sudden, he looked lonely. Which got me thinking, that he may be without a life time partner as I spoke. I got off at my stop… feeling calm with myself…

Today So listening to these ladies, reminded me of how unique we all are in our journey of life. Our paths in life are so different…. complaining, comparing or competing will only create undue stress and anxiety on your part…. Remember that God is always on time

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