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Garden cat – home for life (update)

Studio flat with self heating blanket

So we have official adopted the cat. It is a garden cat. I felt so bad about the cold weather and the cat constantly meowing that I suggested to the cat feeder the idea of getting some sort of shelter in the garden.

So a house , or cat container, or bedroom was purchased for the garden cat. So that it could have a little shelter. After all it is winter. A self heating blanket was also purchased to support the little creature.

Home at last

I came home one day to find a very large carton. I couldn’t but take notice. I later learnt that the carton contained the cat shelter. The cat feeder also bought a self heating blanket. I was pleased to hear this news. At last the cat will have a bit of shelter to support it, in this weather

The cat is looking more at home and content in its environment and its new sleeping facilities. It always seems to be in its house. Once you open the garden door, she comes out if her flat, looks at you and begins to stretch herself. Indeed she has a studio flat😂😂😂😂😂😂

It’s a girl

Yea, you heard me right, she is a she🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣. I found out from her feeder that she is a she. At this point, I am concerned that she does not come home pregnant. Can you imagine helping one cat, then end up with a garden full of pussy cats… mba nu (no way).

Happy in the garden

Cat food

I should have anticipated the request from the cat feeder. It wasn’t a surprise when I was requested to include the purchase of cat food when I went to the shop next… WHAT??… I just listened, did my ear like I did not hear them and said nothing. I couldn’t be bothered to respond. I have not finished feeding my children. I will now add the responsibility of buying food for pussy cat. Anyway, the cat feeder continues to purchase the cat food….. for now.

Worms and fleas

Today the cat has been de-wormed and de-flead (is there such a thing). I have suggested we try and get a mobile vet to look her over. I say get a vet to come and visit, rather than go and visit a vet, simply because the alternative would be for me to get involved and handle the cat to take her to a vet. That’s not possible for now. I am at the moment still undeniable about literally owning a cat.

Good morning smiling cat

Meanwhile each morning I wake up and draw the curtain in the bedroom, within a second, I get the cat on the windowsill…. smiling

All smiles

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