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Every vaccine helps

So, like millions of people in the world, I have come to terms with the fact that there is a deadly virus in our mist.

Things have suddenly become increasingly virtual to say the least. I have already implemented a couple of things as a new way of life for me.

To start with, I raced down to my GP surgery and took my flu vaccine. This happened literally like a light bulb moment. Completely unplanned. That moment when it dawned on me that this corona virus (Covid19) which causes severe acute respiratory syndrome is literally after me, an asthmatic. The anxiety of this truth needs it’s own vaccine.

Being asthmatic since childhood (a life of inhalers and nebuliser), it has always been recommended that I take the flu vaccine. And I have done so religiously for many year.

Up until recently, when I decided to allow my immune system to fight a cold on it’s own. That was until the lightbulb moment. The contemplation stopped in its tracks. It is the end of March now and all GP surgeries are operating differently. I really got to the GP at the right time. I even got a repeat prescription for all my inhalers.

This is the time of the year that I begin to find it increasingly difficult being asthmatic. If ever there is an admission or A&E visit, it is in July. The build up starting from now. But my asthma plan works well. It is the season of spring, summer, pollen etc. Therefore, it was only wise I took the vaccine this time around to give myself a fighting chance.

As a meningitis survivor, I know that a single vaccine may not prevent you from picking these things up as there are various strains. But I believe every vaccine helps. I am praying that the vaccine in addition to my immune system and other changes will lessen the blow of whatever strain of the virus that comes my way.

In the mean time, we all wait patiently for the Covid19 vaccine to be made. A big thank you to the army of frontline key workers, essential workers, support staff and volunteers. Only god knows what would have happened without your support to the NHS.

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