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Private lessons

So I have started swimming lesson again. This time I am having 1-2-1 lessons. It is just the swimming Instructor and I. No drama, no stories, no one else to chats to except the instructor, how utterly boring.

Monday is the day

I am determined to learn how to swim. Its something I have always wanted to achieve. It’s a nice life skill to learn and will support me as I age gracefully. My swimming lessons are on Monday evening at 6:30pm. I almost didn’t go for my first lesson. It was such a cold day. And because I worked from home, I was feeling the cold even more. I had spent the whole day at a desk, not moving much. But I’m glad I didn’t listen to that inner voice of doubt. The temperaturein the building was warm and so was the shower and pool.

Life skill and goal

The good thing is that I have the same instructor who taught me last year in the group session. At least we have met previously. She knows this aunty is always on the move. We have established the fact that I need to learn how to swim. It’s one of my life time goals. So, failure is not an option. To swim I must learn.

A gap before the next lesson

We agreed that my next lesson is likely to be in weeks time. This is because I am going away this weekend to Tenerif. Then I have surgery the next weekend. And finally when I am ready to come back, the instructor herself will be on holiday. So all in all I have a few weeks to try and get to the pool, at least once a week to practice what I have been taught in the first lesson.

It’s all about familiarising myself with the water for now. I have even located how to swim videos on YouTube to help me prepare my mind.

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