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An interview and a visit to the funeral parlour

Thursday 5th August 2021 was🙃 a hectic day for me. I had an interview mid-morning. For a job, I was keen on getting. This interview was my umpteenth job interview (another blog downloading I guess). So you can imagine how I was feeling after the interview.

We move

After the interview, all I could think of was going for a long walk and picking up my favourite cup of Mocha coffee. A coffee and a walk always have a way of making me feel better. I had to calm down and prepare my mind for the rest of the day. I had a presentation to make to a team.

Lying in state

I was encouraged to go for a walk when I also remembered that a dear friend (Asuquo Eyamba Idem 18/12/66 - 05/06/21) who recently passed away was lying in state at the local funeral parlour. If I went for my walk, I would be able to make the two-hour slot given to say my last farewell.

So off I went for an afternoon walk, grabbed a coffee and popped in to say bye to my friend. To tell the truth, that was the first time I have been into a funeral parlor in the UK, and I hope that would be the last time.

I'm not sure what I expected. I didn't have to say anything when I arrived. I simply pressed the buzzer and I was let in, no question asked. I wonder if anyone, unrelated to the deceased, just pops into a funeral parlour to see a dead person.