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An awesome interview experience

It’s another interview. I actually got my wires crossed. I had completely forgotten that I had applied for this role. I think it’s the fact that I enjoy applying for jobs and I spontaneously submit application forms (when I am in the mood).

Anyway I received a phone call inviting me for a job interview for Thursday, 8/8/19. I accepted and negotiated a time and got a text reminder/confirmation. I was informed during the phone call that there would be no presentation, but a series of 10 questions.

A few days later, I was engaged in a few email correspondence, again inviting me for an interview. I assumed it was a change of date, so I accepted and attended an interview on Thursday 1/8/19. Thinking that that was the interview all sorted. Well not quite, because a couple of days later, on 6/8/19, I went through my voice messages (by mistake) and low and behold I heard it.

I heard a clear message telling me that I was invited for an interview and failure to contact them would mean that I was no longer interested. At that moment I realised that I had two separate interviews. And the next interview was in two days time…. no panic…. I had