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An awesome interview experience

It’s another interview. I actually got my wires crossed. I had completely forgotten that I had applied for this role. I think it’s the fact that I enjoy applying for jobs and I spontaneously submit application forms (when I am in the mood).

Anyway I received a phone call inviting me for a job interview for Thursday, 8/8/19. I accepted and negotiated a time and got a text reminder/confirmation. I was informed during the phone call that there would be no presentation, but a series of 10 questions.

A few days later, I was engaged in a few email correspondence, again inviting me for an interview. I assumed it was a change of date, so I accepted and attended an interview on Thursday 1/8/19. Thinking that that was the interview all sorted. Well not quite, because a couple of days later, on 6/8/19, I went through my voice messages (by mistake) and low and behold I heard it.

I heard a clear message telling me that I was invited for an interview and failure to contact them would mean that I was no longer interested. At that moment I realised that I had two separate interviews. And the next interview was in two days time…. no panic…. I had no clue what the job was all about…

I quickly recounted my conversation on the phone and searched frantically for the confirming text message. I did find it strange that they where sending me texts and no email messages. It almost felt unreal. All I knew at this point was that on the 8/8/19, I was going to answer 10 question nothing more and nothing less.

Having confirmed that indeed I have another interview in two days. I needed to find out the job title at least . I had to go back to the main job portal, rummage through the list of applied jobs…. and there it was, an application submitted on the 20th of June, with an interview date scheduled for successful candidates 24th June. I guess they are running behind their schedule.

Anyway I arrived at the interview venue in Holborn. Gosh and posh…. I was in for a surprise. The venue was amazing. Very encouraging mentally, with fantastic ambience. Not the usual office building. The welcome party was amazing. All genuine smiles with a genuine interest in my presence. I was then asked for my notice period and then shown a waiting area where I joined two other interviewees.

We were all then taken to the second floor where we were introduced to the other members of the recruitment team. We were given a brief PowerPoint presentation of the objectives of the team we were to join…. can you just imagine. And it was a presentation by the director of the directorate. I guess at this point I wanted to join this team….

The interview process was then explained to us all as a group. We were informed that our application forms were selected by a completely different human resource team. Each of us would now be interviewed by two separate sets of interviewers who had no prior knowledge of our application form. Each of us had 10 questions to answer. Two 30 minute sessions seperated by a 15 minute break. Our response to the questions will determined if we are selected for the role.

To say that I had fun is an understatement. This interview was the most amazing interview process I have ever gone through. We were infomed that there were over 1000 applicants. Indeed the interview was set up to make me relax, calm and to bring out the best in me. Perhaps because I am okay with ambiguity. As a clinician, the condition of your patient could change at anytime. I am trained to be prepared….

We were all interviewed at the same time. Both of my interview session were in very large and airy rooms. I was at one end of the room being interviewed and so were my colleague. And no, I could not hear what they were saying simply because I was focused on my own interview.

Even if I do not get the job, I would always remember this experience. It was much better than the interview I had the previous week were the main interviewer had absolutely no interest in me whatsoever. He looked right through my head. I had to assess this guy at some point (being a clinician). Because he showed no interest, he was not engaged and definately not connected. I would not be surprised if he had taken a cup of coffee too much. Let me not mention that he came late too. At that point I decided that I did not want that job. I am a woman of pleasure and there are certain environment that I will not put myself into…. work or no work.

Anyway, in terms of this new system of recruitment, I actually endorse this process and recommend that this should set the way interviews are conducted in the public sector…moving forward …. to ensure equality of opportunity in the work place…. or try to….

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